“Come Together” シリーズ
シルクスクリーンプリント、木製パネル / 2点 / 2022年
"Come Together" series
Silkscreen print on Wood panel / 2022


Silkscreen prints of random patterns using neon colours and other inks.​​​​​​​
When I create my video works, I am conscious of the
I create works with a time axis with an awareness of the 'uncertainty of the visible' and 'the phenomenon 
that is only here and now'.
In my silkscreen productions, which create random graphics, 
I am also conscious of the fluctuations of vision, and of the relationship between light and darkness.
I aimed to create works that are still, yet retain an image of movement.

Exhibition at KOGANEI ART SPOT Chateau 2F, Tokyo
2022.10.5. - 10.9.

© 2022 YUKI TSUCHIYA / yukichico

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