INFINITY / 土屋由貴 / 4K / 11分 / 2022年3月制作
“INFINITY", Yuki TSUCHIYA, 4K, 11min, 2022.3.





When exhibiting my work, I am sometimes asked, "Is water your theme?".
I don't start making artworks after deciding on such an intention beforehand, but when I look back on what I have made, there seems to be something that runs through the work.
However, when I look back at what I have created, there seems to be something that runs through all of my work.
Whether that expression is in the form of video works, two-dimensional works combined with paint or installations.

In this video work, live-action material is the starting point.
Briefly, it is the light of water in an aquarium shot in slow motion.
The reason why it was made into a work of art is that when you look into the camera, you see more than what you can see with your own eyes.
The light was magnified, time was stretched, dispersed and shining more than what I could see with my own eyes, and I saw it with surprise.
Exciting images come by chance, how do you make a fascinating phenomenon that you happen to capture your own?

I believe that making films is inevitably about contemplating time.
I work with natural phenomena because I want to find a common memory between the viewer and the filmmaker.
I try to make it a little shaky, a little removed from reality, and then back again, through the representation of a time axis.

My theme is time, and this is given over to motifs of movement, such as water and light.

Yuki TSUCHIYA | yukichico
© 2022 YUKI TSUCHIYA / yukichico

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